There are a number of useful resources available for download on this page. We encourage you to get in touch if you have other ideas of different kinds of resources you'd find useful that are not available here.

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Auspire Annual Review 2017-2018

We are proud of the impact and outcomes achieved each year and you can read about them in our annual activity report.

Creating Inclusive Events

Australia is a dynamic, diverse and multicultural nation so it's important to consider this when creating your event.

Risk Management Checklist

When planning a community event, you need to be aware of possible risks and outcomes and take steps to control their consequences. This checklist is a guide to assist you to develop your risk management plan.

Working with Volunteers

Volunteers play a vital role in many community events. If you are considering Volunteers for your next event, this information can help.

Research tips for an Inclusive Event

When planning for a community event it's important to research and consult your community to ensure you deliver something that is culturally and socially inclusive.

Welcome to Country

Protocols for welcoming visitors to Country have been a part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures for thousands of years. find out the difference between a Welcome to Country and an Acknowledgement of Country here.

Auspire Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Auspire has developed a 5 year strategic plan to guide our work and to help us achieve our strategic goals.