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Aboriginal Cultural Awareness

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Workshops

Bridging the knowledge gap for more inclusive engagement with Australia’s First Peoples


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Facilitated by First Nations’ leaders, participants learn about the culture and history of Aboriginal people, develop their skills in how to better engage with Aboriginal people and are able to demonstrate understanding and respect in order to have more effective relationships.

The sessions are interactive, encourage reflection and inspire commitment towards improving Aboriginal cultural knowledge and understanding. Parts are self-directed to ensure participants connect their learning to their experience and topics covered include:

  • What are the barriers between Aboriginal peoples and non-Aboriginal Australians?
  • Significant moments in history that have shaped the way Aboriginal Australians are today.
  • Cultural beliefs, customs and values, and their role in mainstream Australian society.
  • Contemporary vs traditional lifestyles, connection to country, community and kinship.
  • The importance of self-determination and identity
  • The pathway to wellbeing

Benefits and key outcomes of the workshops include pro-actively applying Aboriginal Cultural Awareness in your relationships, workplace or organisation; real and lasting change through understanding and empathy; improved lives/workplaces for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and an opportunity to demonstrate your Reconciliation Action Plan (if relevant) in action.

Auspire delivers public workshops in a variety of formats including 3-hour online sessions, as well as half-day or full-day in-person sessions. These public workshops are highly accessible as pricing is heavily subsidised.

Auspire also will deliver private sessions for our members and Corporate partners. Prices for private half day and full day sessions are negotiable, based on venue, number of people and catering requirements. Prices range from $2,400 – $4,550 + GST).

If you’d like Auspire to deliver a half or full day session for your team, with our experienced First Nations’ facilitators, contact us for information.



Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Workshops

29 May @ 8:00 am

29 May 2024: Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Workshop – National Reconciliation Week

A 4-hour workshop to gain an awareness and understanding of the culture, history and experiences of Australia’s First Peoples during National Reconciliation Week.

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7 August @ 9:30 am

7 August 2024: Online Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Workshop

An interactive 3-hour online workshop to gain an awareness and understanding of the culture, history and experiences of Australia’s First Peoples.

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