About Us

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to acknowledge and celebrate Australia’s engaged community members, problem solvers and positive change-makers who inspire active citizenship in others.

Whether born in Australia or choosing to become an Australian Citizen, active citizenship is about getting involved in the community an displaying behaviours and values that unify us as a nation.

Auspire manages and delivers a number of recognition programs with the objective of profiling leading citizens who are role models for us all.

These include the Australian of the Year Awards at a State and National level, Community Citizens of the Year at a local community level and Aussie of the Month in our primary schools.

They inspire us through their achievements and challenge us to make our own contribution to creating a better Australia through active citizenship.

Supporting inclusion for all

Australia Day: Reflect, respect, celebrate

We believe that Australian citizenship is a shared identity that can unify us and as Australians we are all part of the story. We work with schools, communities and individuals to educate and support inclusion principles and capacity building with our range of programs and initiatives which:

  • Build social cohesion and harmony between Australians from all races, cultures and religions
  • Celebrate and promote aboriginal culture
  • Support and promote reconciliation
  • Aim to break down discrimination and encourage celebration of our diversity

Promoting Universal Values

We believe that no matter where each of our personal stories began, we share a common bond, which can unite all of us while respecting diversity. We encourage a sense of cohesion and belonging by promoting universal values such as fair go, mateship, inclusion and respect.

  • Fair go  – both in the way we apply ourselves and the belief in fairness, equity and equal opportunity for all
  • Mateship – the prevention of conflict, our spirit of egalitarianism, our openness and informality and compassion for those in need
  • Inclusion – the celebration of difference, the promotion of harmony, and the freedoms and rights we share
  • Respect –  having high regard for self, for others, the environment we live in and the rule of law.

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Auspire is a registered charity and looking to partner with those interested in supporting a not-for-profit that operates in the space of capacity building in Social Cohesion, Cultural Inclusion, Civics and Citizenship.

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