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Intercultural Diversity and Inclusion

Intercultural Competency

Being ‘culturally aware’ means recognising that everyone has a background influencing how they interpret the world and perceive others. Being culturally aware or ‘culturally competent’ doesn’t mean being an expert on every culture or having an answer to every cultural question and issue, it simply means acknowledging that different perspectives exist as a result of everyone’s different cultural background and life experiences. Embracing this difference is the key to exploring cultural issues effectively and appropriately.

Auspire’s Intercultural Diversity and Inclusion workshops have been designed to increase cultural awareness, knowledge and communication between people from different cultures and backgrounds. Groups and individuals benefit through improved communication and inclusion of diversity, promoting better teamwork by understanding our differences.



To evaluate your organisation’s diversity and inclusion capacity use this Cultural Diversity Assessment tool. Developed by the Human Rights Commission, this tool can help your organisation by:

  • offering practical steps to manage a culturally diverse workplace
  • allowing organisations assess themselves against 30 measures of competence
  • providing a starting point for a focus on cultural diversity
  • helping those committed to cultural diversity to move towards best practice.

Workplaces that manage cultural diversity well can expect to receive a host of benefits including the recruitment and retaining the best talent and attract a broader range of clients and customers.

Half day sessions are between $2,350 – $2,600 + GST  and full day session $3,200 – $3,800 + GST depending on location and number of participants.

If you’d like Auspire to deliver a half or full day session for your team, with our experienced facilitator, contact us for information.