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For inclusive, resilient and stronger communities.


Auspire runs several year-round programs and initiatives to inspire and promote a united and socially cohesive society.

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  • Do you know a local community Hero?

    Nominate now for the 2019 Community Citizen of the Year Awards. Nominate here.

  • Civics and citizenship masterclass

    Learn about our society, how our government system works and what you can do to be an engaged, active member of your community. Sign up for a workshop

  • Aussie of the Month

    The program recognises personal endeavour, achievement and contribution of primary school students to their community. Read more.

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Can Australia be the most socially inclusive country in the world?

We believe that Australian citizenship is a shared identity; a common bond which unites us all while respecting our diversity. We encourage a sense of unity and belonging through our programs that encourage reconciliation, respect and tolerance of all Australians no matter where each of our personal stories began.

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