Spotlight on Alumni – Prof. Bruce Robinson

  • 21 August 2019

Can every Australian child have an effective father figure?  According to Prof Bruce Robinson, the answer is unequivocally – yes.

Professor Bruce Robinson’s work as founder of Fathering Project was born from his role as a doctor who has to often break the bad news of terminal illnesses he couldn’t help but notice how commonly patients said “If I had my life all over again I would have spent more time with my family”.

The Fathering Project’s vision is for every child in Australia to have an effective father figure. Since its inception and more recently since Prof Robinson’s was put into the spotlight as WA’s 2014 Australian of the Year, the program has gone from strength to strength, expanding across Australia and to six different countries with incredible results.

With Father’s Day on September 1st, we wanted to again put a spotlight on the Fathering Project and Bruce’s work. The Fathering project is currently inviting dads across Australia to take part in the 2019 Fathering Facts Survey. The survey will help identify what fathering looks like today, what we are doing well and the areas that need improvement.

For more information and perhaps even find out how to set up your own Fathering Project Group take a look here.

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