Leading with Diversity: Migrant Women Redefining Leadership

  • 16 April 2024

On Thursday 4 April, Auspire collaborated with our esteemed Ambassador, Dr Sandy Chong, to shine a light on the achievements and challenges faced by migrant women in leadership.

Held at The Platform in support of RUAH Community Services, Leading with Diversity: Migrant Women Redefining Leadership saw more than 120 people attend to gain insight from a highly respected panel of speakers.

four women on stage during panel discussion
Panellists Ei Wai, Dr Sandy Chong, Senator Fatima Payman and Debra Zanella

During the motivational discussion, Senator Fatima Payman stressed that if businesses want diversity on their teams and boards, they need to actively invite it, while Ei Wai, Executive Manager at Commonwealth Bank, claimed that opportunities are available, but women need to take the initiative and embark on those first steps.

Debra Zanella, CEO of RUAH, discussed the concept of intersectionality and the importance of clients and customers seeing themselves reflected in the staff of an organisation.

woman on stage at lectern
Auspire CEO and event MC, Morgen Lewis

The audience were able to hear each panel member’s own valuable personal experience, including Ei Wai, who is originally from Burma, explaining the importance of recognising country of origin and avoiding generalisation, and Senator Payman inviting her parliamentary colleagues to celebrate Ramadan with her, and some of the amusing questions she has previously been asked about her culture and religion.

Auspire CEO, Morgen Lewis, who was MC for the forum, said: “It is an honour to be a part of the conversation around migrant women in leadership. At Auspire, we look to promote and encourage thought leadership and create pathways for diversity and inclusion, for we know how important this is in our workplaces, communities, society and economy. It is a privilege to be able to share the inspiring stories of women leaders to inspire others on their own journeys.”


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