Be a vocal local and run for Local Government

  • 8 September 2021

Local Government elections are coming up in October, and as active citizens within our community, there is no better way to get involved that to either run for or vote in the Local Government elections.

Auspire is pleased to get behind the “Be a Vocal Local” campaign to encourage engagement with the Local Government elections and to help promote participation and nominations from all members of the community to ensure our local communities  have strong, diverse and inclusive representation that reflect the local communities being served.

Tomorrow is the last day to to nominate for the 2021 Local Government Elections  and before you do; a quick orientation and induction for prospective elected members is required. You can find the information for the Induction here.



Information covered includes

  • Local government decision-making
  • The role of council members
  • Qualities and skills of effective council members
  • Code of Conduct for elected members
  • Gifts and conflicts of interest
  • Election campaigns and more

The induction takes around 30 minutes to complete and is compulsory for anyone intending to nominate.

For more information about becoming a Member of Local Government, Nominating and running for election we encourage you to visit the Department of Sport, Local Government and Cultural Industries information page.

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