ACNC Welcomes Auspire as a registered charity

  • 22 October 2018

Forty-two years after it opened its doors in Western Australia, Auspire – The Australia Day Council
of WA has been accepted by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission as a Tax Concessional Charity.

When initially established in 1977, the Australia Day Council’s purpose was to promote the proper celebration of Australia Day. At the time, this included themes associated with commemorating British colonisation and a transitioning away from the White Australia immigration policies of the 50s and 60s.

Today however, Auspire’s work has significantly progressed and it now operates in the community space, with a focus on building a stronger sense of belonging and desire to contribute through activities which promote and engender active citizenship, participation, inclusion, reconciliation and unity for all Australians.

Working closely with the legal team at Lavan to assess its current community impact against its original Constitution, it became apparent the organisation had evolved and the Constitution was out of date. Board and member consultation unfolded and in June, the Auspire Board adopted the new Constitution, which now articulates objects focussed on promoting an understanding of Australian culture and values, which are respectful of diversity, forge solidarity, and social cohesion, for the long-term welfare of all Australians.

“Auspire’s activities are strongly aligned to the charitable purpose of promoting mutual respect, tolerance, reconciliation and a sense of belonging,” said Nick Stagg, Partner, Lavan. “Updating the constitution to reflect their modern-day remit, went a long way in supporting their application and we are thrilled to have supported them on this journey.”

Earlier in the year, Auspire undertook a brand strategy review and overhauled its brand name and identity, another demonstration of the change in its work and more meaningful engagement with the community.  The Hon Paul Papalia, Minister for Multicultural Interests offered his congratulations to Auspire. “Active Citizenship and full participation are essential to building social cohesion and ensuring that everyone in our society feels a sense of belonging.” he said. “I commend Auspire for its programs that recognise and promote the contributions made to the enrichment of this state.”

Whilst Auspire’s main recognition programs include Australian of the Year, Community Citizen of the Year and Aussie of the Month in schools, it also works with individuals, schools, corporates, councils and community groups offering Civics and Citizenship Development, Social Inclusion events, Cultural Competency assessment, Leaders in Citizenship capacity building and support initiatives that foster unity.

Now as a registered charity, Auspire is keen to talk to those interested in supporting a not-for-profit that operates in the space of capacity building in Social Cohesion, Cultural Inclusion, Civics and Citizenship.

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