Woolworths Renews Commitment to Stocking Australian Flag

  • 9 July 2024

Auspire – Australia Day Council WA is pleased to learn that Woolworths has made the decision to restock Australian flags in stores. Just in time for the upcoming Paris Olympics, this move represents a significant step in fostering national pride and unity among Australians as we cheer on our athletes.

Earlier this year, Woolworths faced considerable public backlash for its decision not to stock Australian flag merchandise in the lead-up to Australia Day on January 26. This prompted disappointment among many Australians who view the flag as a vital symbol of national identity.

Responding to the feedback, Woolworths has announced that hand-held Australian flags and other Aussie flag branded merchandise will be available for purchase later this month. The company acknowledged that their previous decision had disappointed many customers and expressed their commitment to offering national symbols that Australians expect to find in their stores.

Morgen Lewis, CEO of Auspire – Australia Day Council WA, said, “We commend Woolworths for listening to the Australian community and making the important decision to stock our national flags once again. Having access to these symbols of national identity is especially significant as we support our athletes in the upcoming Olympics.”

In addition to Australian flags, Woolworths will also make hand-held Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags available later this year, ensuring year-round access to all of our important cultural symbols. This inclusive approach underscores Woolworths’ commitment to celebrating diversity and supporting unity of the Australian community.

Auspire encourages other retailers to follow Woolworths’ example by making Australian flags and other national symbols readily available thereby supporting celebration of Australian citizenship in the lead up to and during the Olympic Games.

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