Auspire welcomes 16 new emerging multicultural leaders to award-recognised program

  • 22 January 2024

Teachers, health workers and social enterprise founders are just some of the individuals who make up the 16 new participants of Auspire’s Multicultural Leadership Program in 2024.

The new cohort, who gathered together for the first time at Auspire’s Reflect Respect Celebrate Australia Day Launch last week (pictured with Auspire CEO Morgen Lewis), have been selected for their commitment to their professional achievements and contribution to community issues and causes. To support their goals, they will spend the next year attending workshops, round tables and networking opportunities, as part of their fully funded scholarship, culminating in a graduation ceremony.

2024 marks the third consecutive year of the program, for which Auspire was recognised in the 2023 WA Multicultural Awards for supporting people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds with development opportunities to further their leadership goals.

“I am delighted to welcome 16 high calibre current and emerging multicultural leaders to this prestigious program,” said Auspire Community Development Manager, Jacqui Swingler. “It is a privilege to provide the opportunity for these community leaders to expand their experience and build their confidence through our workshops and networking events with some of our most inspiring Australians, as we seek to continue to build capacity for communities.”

The 16 participants were selected following an in-depth application and selection process, which was assisted by Program Partner, Office of Multicultural Interests, and Auspire’s Multicultural Advisory Group.

Multicultural Leadership Program 2024 Participants

(in order in image, from left)

Sam Kugathas, Chair/President of various community organisations

Amit Mehta, Laboratory Technician

Karam Singh, Accountant

Diane Avice, Operations Manager

Victor Adeseolu, Suicide Prevention Coordinator

Indrani Gunarathna, Director of Studies & Compliance

Roger Dong, Associate Professor

Aline Arruda (to the right of Auspire CEO, Morgen Lewis), Founder and President of Projeto Cabana

Emmanuel Harmon, Youth Worker

Maureen Kinuthia, Nurse

Karla Penna, Director

Mamta Kochhar, Lecturer

Maisara Syeda, Electorate Officer

Michael Elwan, General Manager (absent)

Maryann Tsai, Founder and CEO of Reach Her Inc (absent)

Emma Zhang, Senior Category Specialist (absent)

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