WA Youth Week 2021

Image Source: Better choices - Youth in WA

The Youth Week WA 2021 theme is Our Path.

This year’s theme Our Path was derived from a small group of young individuals who voiced out what was important to them: community, belonging, interconnectedness, connection to place, culture, strength, change.

Inspired by wayfinding stars, this year’s theme acknowledges the convergence of our individual paths to form a community, to where we are now, and questions how we are going to move forward.

We would not be here today if not for the depth of ancestral knowledge passed through our lineage, it has made way for young people today to initiate change. We have strength, we have agency, how do we go about creating our path? How do we recognise and understand the path we have been walking on?

We are like constellations, interlinked together, united as one, ready to create our path.

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