Aboriginal Cultural Awareness & Understanding Webinar

Auspire – Australia Day Council WA presents  informative and interactive 3-hour webinar to learn about Aboriginal culture and understand the impacts of colonisation that still play out today with our First Nations Peoples and mainstream Australia.

The session will assist participants and their businesses with information and understanding that can improve lives and workplaces for both aboriginal and non-aboriginal people. Basic aboriginal cultural awareness and understanding can facilitate real and lasting change through changed attitudes and behaviours at both a professional and personal level.


The session will cover the following material

  • What are the barriers between Aboriginal peoples and non-Indigenous Australians?
  • Significant moments in history that have shaped the way Aboriginal Australians are today.
  • Cultural beliefs, customs and values and their role in mainstream Australian society.
  • Contemporary vs traditional lifestyles’ connection to country, community and kinship.
  • The importance of self-determination and identity.

Key benefits and learning outcomes

  • Increase positive engagement
  • Minimise miscommunication
  • Improved confidence with awareness of cultural differences
  • Improved stakeholder relationships
  • Demonstrate your RAP policy in action (if relevant)

Facilitator: Danny Ford

Mr. Danny Ford is a Noongar man and a traditional custodian of Whadjuk Country, with connections to the wider Noongar Country and Aboriginal communities across Western Australia.

He is a qualified teacher and social worker and has considerable public sector experience after almost 30 years across a range of departments, including child protection, family support, housing, mental health, and training. Danny has an empathetic and engaging leadership style and a track record of providing cultural awareness training, indigenous engagement advice and business services.


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