About Us

Our Purpose

Promoting harmony and inclusion for all Australians

We believe that Australian citizenship is a shared identity that can unify us. We work with schools, communities and individuals to educate and support inclusion principles and capacity building with our range of programs and initiatives which:

  • Build social cohesion and harmony between Australians from all races, cultures and religions
  • Aim to break down discrimination and encourage celebration of our diversity
  • Celebrate and promote aboriginal culture
  • Support and promote reconciliation
  • Recognise and reward positive and active community citizenship and involvement.

Promoting Universal Values

We believe that no matter where each of our personal stories began, we share a common bond, which can unite all of us while respecting diversity. We encourage a sense of cohesion and belonging by promoting universal values such as fair go, mateship, inclusion and respect.

  • Fair go  – both in the way we apply ourselves and the belief in fairness, equity and equal opportunity for all
  • Mateship – the prevention of conflict, our spirit of egalitarianism, our openness and informality and compassion for those in need
  • Inclusion – the celebration of difference, the promotion of harmony, and the freedoms and rights we share
  • Respect –  having high regard for self, for others, the environment we live in and the rule of law.

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